Meetups « Deep Learning Mons » – Call for participation

Meetups « Deep Learning Mons » – Call for participation

Meetups brainstorming  Thursday, August 24th 18:00  (NUMEDIART Room )

Deep learning is a fast-growing field of machine learning concerned with the study and design of computer algorithms for learning good representations of data, at multiple levels of abstraction. Being the hottest area in machine learning and data science, there is a spread of Deep Learning meetups in all big cities around the world (Ghent, Brussels, Paris, London, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Sydney, etc.).

Building on the success of the recently organized Deep Learning Workshop (3-5 May 2017, UMONS), a group of UMONS researchers is volunteering to launch a series of meetups: Deep Learning Mons. The aim of this group is to bring together students, researchers, and entrepreneurs interested in Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Deep Learning Mons will be a platform to drive education and exchange in this emergent field. Our vision is to build a community to discuss recent research, applications, tools and ongoing projects, to share knowledge, best practices and critiques of deep learning.

We will meet once every three weeks after working hours, to exchange ideas, to share different types of frameworks, coding languages, to study algorithms and to discuss real-world applications.

The format of our meetups will be based on guest speakers sharing new research ideas and applications covering a wide range of fields from computer vision and natural language processing to autonomous systems. All levels of expertise are welcome.

We are looking for researchers and practitioners from UMONS who want to contribute for building/organizing this community.
If you are interested to give a talk or if you have ideas which can help us build this community, we are waiting for you on Thursday, August 24th 18:00 for our first brainstorming, where we’ll discuss the schedule and the format of our Deep Learning Mons Meetups.

Please confirm your presence before 17th of August by email to


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juin 5, 2017