Vidéos et démonstrations

Démonstrations projets et outils

City Light

City Gate

CityGate is a ludic Google Hangout application to discover Europe and speak with people from other European countries, it will be installed in all the Café Europa. Each connected user is represented on a map by an arrow, three different zoom levels are proposed. The application uses a MS Kinect sensor to track user’s body position and gestures and convert them into speed and rotation for the arrow. When the user stops moving, pictures from the place he stands are downloaded and displayed. If two users are close enough on the map, the videoconference starts, allowing them to see each other and speak, thus bonding two Café Europa. This work was supported by Mons2015, European Capital of Culture.

Mons 3 D

NUMEDIART is busy designing a 3D model of the city of MONS for MONS2015. The model is based on procedural modeling using CityEngine. About half the city is currently available (as of 2013), and integrated into Unity and Google Earth for real-time exploration of the city.


The MediaCycle framework offers libraries, plugins and applications for mul­ti­me­dia nav­i­ga­tion and content-based organization by similarity. Currently supported media types are: audio, image, video, text. Since 2008, it has been fea­tured in: Bud Blumenthal Hybrid’s DANCERS! Relational Nav­i­ga­tor, the AudioGarden com­pos­ite audio creation tool, the LoopJam interactive dancefloor. For more info, see the MediaCycle web page.

Social documentary


NM Film 03


Enriched Guitar Transcription – EGT


Performances et Installations


CLICK’- You Motion (BAM)

CLICK’ – Secret Step teaser (Okus Lab)

Circle of Doubts


Circle of Doubts, for HandSketch solo. This piece is entirely made out of artificial voices, generated by an original musical instrument called the HandSketch. This is a solo performance where the musician creates his/her choir with successive contributions, exploring all the registers of the human voice and beyond. This version has been used in the transmedia documentary Lazarus Mirages, by Patric Jean.



Fragments#43-44 is a project led by digital artist Gauthier Keyaerts, combining technology and instinct, improvisation. Once immersed into the system, the artist (or the public) navigated by gestures inside a large collection of visuals and sounds, as in a giant, human-sized digital instrument. A unique improvised composition emerges. This project was supported by NUMEDIART (gesture recognition, using the FUBI toolkit).



Cold Love – Ghinzu

NUMEDIART took part to the making of the video clip of Ghinzu’s single, Cold Love. The video con­tains a ground break­ing sequence, in which the artists lit­er­ally catch fire dur­ing their performance. These images have been made pos­si­ble thanks to the involve­ment of the NUMEDIART Insti­tute, who pro­vided sup­port for motion cap­ture. The ani­ma­tion, by Belgian artist François Jacques, required 5 com­put­ers work­ing 24/7 for three months … Watch the making-of and see how motion capture was used…

Mamemo 3D


Our expertise in MOCAP for animation, in collaboration with Virtual Studio experts NeuroTV and DREAMWALL, was central for the development of the MAMEMO trailer, in which Tapage Nocturne’s MAMEMO character took (digital) life.

Projets étudiants



Véronique GEORLETTE et François MARELLI

Prix «Créactifs! 2015» pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FPMs/BA2


Benoît Masson & Noé Tits,BA3

Prix «Créactifs! 2015» pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FPMs/BA3


Simon Parmentier

Prix «Créactifs! 2015» pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FS/MA1


Motion Dancing Puppet

Thuy-Hai Nguyen et Paul Vanderlest

Prix pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FPMs/BA2 en 2016


Sophie Aubry et Henri Koch

Prix pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FPMs/BA3 en 2016


Emilien Peretti

Prix pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FS/Info/MA1 en 2016



Charles Dehombreux, Yannick Molle & Vincent Stragier

Prix pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FPMs/BA2 en 2017


Francois JANCYS, Romain MORLEGHEM & Florian PIRAS

Prix pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FPMs/BA3 en 2017


Adrien Coppens

Prix pour la meilleure vidéo d’un projet «créactif» de FS/Info/MA en 2017